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The Royal Wedding Special

I have the day off, I have the couch reserved and I have popcorn in anticipation for the big day. I LOVE a royal wedding!

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The queen came rushing down stairs at Buckingham Palace screaming "Charles! Charles! One of my corgies has just been hit by a truck. He's dead! He's gone...... DO SOMETHING!!!!"
Poor Charles sits for a minute, thinks about it, then takes off down to the secret archives beneath the palace, rummages around behind a few shelves and pulls out a magic lamp. He gives it a quick rub and poof! Out comes a genie.

Genie: "Alright Charles, what can I do for you?"

Charles: "My mother's corgie just got hit by a truck, he dead, can you bring him back to us?"

Genie: "Hmmm I'd better have a look."

(Genie leaves to check out the dead corgie then quickly returns)

Genie: "I'm sorry Charles, there's nothing I can do. He's stone-cold dead. But look, is there anything else I can do for you?"

(Charles thinks for a moment...)

Charles: "Camillla! My wife, can you make her beautiful?"

(Genie ponders for a moment, leaves to check out the situation and see what he can do, then returns......)

Genie: "Could I have another crack at the corgie!?"

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