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A Hangover Saved My Life!

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Arrived in Sihanoukville to chill out with my Sydney friend Emma for a few days. Went out raging and got invited on an él cheapo 'Booze Cruise' out to the islands for the next day and it only cost $8! I had my dollars in hand before Emma spoiled the party by losing her $20 for the night somewhere on the beach. We promised to pay the next day before we left. One too many mekong whiskey's later we stumbled down to the beach for breakfast (though it was probably closer to lunch time), took one look at the boat, at the weather, at the choppy swell... and got settled into our beach chairs.

The hired Booze Cruise boat carrying more than 100 drunken tourists subsequently capsized about half an hour from the closest island. All got rescued by local fisherman with a few very narrow escapes and about $2000 worth of DJ equipment, cameras, an ice chest full of beer and 100 hamburger buns that now resides in the Gulf of Thailand. It was probably the best $20 Emma could have ever lost. On a more optimistic note, now the dive shops in Sinville will finally be able to boast a wreck dive!


The time is finally getting closer: Finally booked my flight to the Philippines today (to see my excited face look above!) Will be an epic journey to trek up to Bangkok, then fly from there to Clark, arriving at a very spritely 4am.

Took some laundry to get done yesterday across the road from my guesthouse. Went back to abuse them because they lost my pyjama pants. Then abused Olympus via email for stuffing up my waterproof camera repair... again! Then found said pyjamas in my backpack.

Just to make you REALLY jealous, here is the view from my Bungalow here at Otres Beach, Sihanoukville. Mondays huh? Natalie_002.jpg

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We're number ONE! We're number ONE!

Today is turning into a good day

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So I'm a little bit excited to discover that by Googling 'vascos dive centre' this little piece of poetry is listed as hit numero UNO!!!

Am currently working for a small NGO in Phnom Penh called PHD Association (People Health Development). I am really just helping to translate some of their broken english into sensibly constructed sentences but the work they do has been really effective in educating university students about awareness of sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention.
However, no matter how hard I try and concentrate, my mind keeps slipping back underwater, and the temptation of Google and stalking http://www.vascosresort-museum.com has just been too overwhelming! I don't think it's an accident that at lunch today, I opened a Cambodian fashion magazine to find a whole 3-page article on the delights of the Philippines as the new must-see holiday destination, that the only lady to strike up a conversation with me by the riverside on my day off yesterday happened to be Filipino, or that any traveller I speak to about the Philippines is overcome by some amazed, other-worldly, tranquil and frankly disconcerting aloofness when reflecting on some not-so-private distant memory of their travels there!? This coinciding with the fact that I find out today this amazing experience is not to extend for a mere 2 months, as was my first assumption... but THREE! I'm currently squeezed into a tiny (thankfully airconditioned) office and my excitement is beginning to choke the air.

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So this is me......

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Hi there!


My name is Natalie and I'm about to embark on the ultimate journey... obtaining my dive master qualification in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The Philippines!!!

I have decided to bestow my presence on Vasco's Dive Centre in Subic Bay. I am SO excited I just cannot wait to get started!

As I have a little less than 2 months before I arrive in the Philippines, I think it appropriate to share a little of myself with you.

1. I LOVE to dive

2. I am on the adventure of a lifetime

I have left my old life behind me in Australia, deferring my final year of an Environmental Engineering degree to travel throughout South East Asia for 10 months, pursuing my career in professional dive journalism, which has so far seen me do some amazing things; including obtaining my advanced ticket in Cambodia, diving with manta rays in Fiji and operating a DPV like James Bond.

The feather in my journalist's berét will be the priviledge of sharing with you, achieving my ultimate goal of becoming a dive master with Vasco's Dive Centre, Subic Bay. I can't wait to share all the amazing photos I'm going to take and hopefully share in some of the amazing historical discoveries that have dominated the diving experience in the Philippines.

So! My first port of call was Malaysia. A four-day stopover in Kuala Lumpur, which was four days too long I would like to thank Kuala Lumpur for putting me off seafood for life. For one, as I do not even like anchovies on my pizza at home, I am unlikely to enjoy them when pilled in lots of 500 and deep friend on top of my breakfast noodles! To be perfectly honest, I looked forward to my flight out of KL and to Phnom Penh. Today is my second day in the crazy city but my third trip to Cambodia in as many years... and it already feels more like home, than home!

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