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Beginning My Rescue Diver

Yesterday was intense. I was in bed by 9pm! The first test in becoming a rescue diver is a 400m swim. No problem right? Except that it was in the ocean.... and I had no goggles!!! Needless to say there were people on standby should I have drowned half way through.
Of the 17 minutes I was given, I finished it in 7. I am a shadow of my former competitive swimming self and my Dad (also my coach) would be ashamed.
I did manage a little better in rescuing Jayson, who played to unconscious diver, by dragging him out from the plane wreck in front of Vasco's, bashing his head on the exit door before surfacing, removing all the dive gear, providing CPR and hoiking him back on deck. It was some poor buggers job that afternoon to search out and recover the weight belts we had to dump as part of the procedure.


Today was a tale of epic proportions, venturing into Olongapo city with Gianne. I like to call it the 'Olongapo Eating Safari' since we nearly needed a wheelbarrow to carry me back to Vasco's. It is so EASY to get there and get around. A taxi to Olongapo costs only 150 peso (about $US 3.50) and is a flat rate for any destination in the freeport zone. That means no haggling like in Malaysia, no rudeness after you haggle down to the right price like Cambodia and best of all.... air conditioning! When it is 36 degrees outside, trust me, you appreciate this. Olongapo is a really quirky, unique city. The roads are uncomfortably narrow, making tricycles easy, but sometimes the only transport. There is a fast food outlet on every corner (though the food isn't necessarily fast). Like Subic, it is ridiculously clean, people hold doors open for customers and the traffic actually stops to let you cross the road!


We rode in a local tricycle; you take your life into your hands but at only 7 peso per person it is the BEST way to see the city and definitely an experience not to be missed!


Yes, I am eating chicken intestines under much duress.


We ate some amazing local Filipino food in a little street kitchen. I didn't know what to eat, so the lady literally gave me one of EVERYTHING; thats six dishes plus rice. My favourite was the taro leaves cooked with coconut.


My first ride in a jeepney


Trying 'Halo-halo.' The craziest, yummiest ice-creamiest deliciousness you've ever tasted!

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Great Blog Nat. by the way 400m swim in 7 minutes is a very respectable time especially in the ocean. Keep up the great blogs.

by brett osborn

This resort certainly looks like paradise to me. It seems as though life moves at a very rate there and is to be envied. Keep up the great blog!

by Liz Osborn

another sensational blog Natalie i hope the place keeps on throwing up new adventures

by brett osborn

Hey Nat - your blog is wonderful - sounds just like you would, if you were talking. Your writing is very witty - thank your Mum for being a great English teacher xoxo

by Margie Doyle

I will! My mum should be impressed that I've retained any English whatsoever; being that engineers generally can't string a sentence together!

by VascoDiveMaster

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